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From 7th May 2021 Parish Council meetings are held 'in person' in the village hall as it is no longer permissible to hold Council meetings on a web platform. Covid restrictions will be observed as far as possible whilst meeting the Council's legal obligations to conduct business. Meeting start times may vary and will be stated on the agenda.

Additional meetings may be called to consider planning applications and other matters or as the Chairman or Council directs.

All meetings are open to the public and press and all attendees are expected to observe the covid restrictions in place at that time.

You are welcome speak the council at the meeting during public speaking time which is an item early on on each agenda. However the council will not be able to make a formal decision about any issues you raise unless it is already listed as an agenda item. If you require a decision from the council at the meeting, please contact the Clerk at least 10 working days before the scheduled meeting to ensure the matter is included on the agenda.

13 07 2024 - 12 07 2026

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